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Benefits of eating chocolates everyday - Pattu.Co.in

Benefits of eating chocolates everyday

Researchers have found a relation between daily chocolate consumption and heart health, according to recent findings presented at the association’s Epidemiology/Lifestyle 2016 Scientific Sessions.

The study was made at the eating and lifestyle habits of more than 1,100 adults ages 18 to 69 over two years and determined that consuming 100 mg of chocolate every day leads to lower insulin resistance and liver enzymes, which are indicators of heart disease risk.

Chocolate lovers are more likely to be younger, more physically active and is haveing fewer chronic health issues than those who don’t partake, according to the study.

Reports shows that the positive effects of our favorite dessert are due to cocoa flavanols, a subgroup of flavonoids found in chocolate. Dark chocolate (30 to 70 percent cocoa) contains the highest levels of flavanols, which are also present in grapes, apples, onions, berries and red wine.


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